The Postmodern Condition: Our First Discussion

UPDATE: We had a productive discussion over good food and drinks and agreed that Sociale is a great venue for us. We also decided that the next book discussion will include background information about “critical theory” itself to provide context.

In addition to understanding Lyotard’s argument about societal changes concerning knowledge and legitimation in the post modern loss of narrative knowledge and the computerization of society, we also discussed problems with Lyotard’s use and understanding of quantum physics. The link to the summary is below.

Food, drinks, and a critical discussion about the “postmodern condition.” Is Lyotard full of it? Does he make some good points? Share your thoughts at the first Critical Theory Chicago meeting.

Please read Jean-Francois Lyotard’s The Post Modern Condition: A Report on Knowledge

Didn’t have time to read?

Join in anyway! You will surely have interesting questions and comments as the discussion plays out. There will be a summary, a discussion, and a “so what?” wrap up so go ahead—add your two cents. Here is a summary of major ideas from the book: 4-18-16BookDiscussionSummaryLyotard

RSVP was by google form.

April 18, 2016
6 pm at Sociale

800 S Clark St, Chicago, IL 60605

Mediterranean-inspired small plates, wine, cocktails, coffee and pastries connected to Café Press.


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